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Video 1: The Faulty Airgap (wmv windows media file)

              The Faulty Airgap (mov quicktime video file)

One of the common mistakes I see is when someone installs a new garbage disposer they forget to take out the knockout plug where the dishwasher drain connects. This prevents water from draining into the disposer and causes water to spill out of the airgap (although usually not as dramatically as in the video). This video shows how to correct that by removing the knockout plug. Debris from the disposer can also sometimes lodge in the hose connection and can be cleaned out in the same manner as shown in the video. Also, check the hose for any kinks which might be restricting flow.

Video 2: Faucet Fix (wmv windows media file)

For what ever reason, long ago it was decided that the hot water faucet should be at the left and the cold faucet at the right (and for single handle faucets this translates into turning the faucet to the left for hot water and right for cold). Since this has been agreed upon people can expect faucets to operate in that manner and they should operate that way. Often times however, the installer gets it wrong. While some faucet types can be difficult to correct, for a common type of faucet (Moen style single handle pull-on faucet) there is an easy fix demonstrated in this video.

Video 3: The GFI (wmv windows media video)

             The GFI  (mov quicktime video) 

A GFI is an inexpensive but important electrical safety device. What is it and how does it work? Watch this shocking video and find out.


Video 4: The Door (wmv windows media video)

             The Door (mov quicktime video)

A simple fix for doors that open or close by themselves.