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The Home Inspectors
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 San Jose Ca.


What does a Home Inspection cover and why should I invest in a Home Inspection by THE HOME INSPECTORS?

Isn't it worth the investment to know your future home stands up to an inspection by a trained, experienced professional? We think you will say Yes! It is for that very reason that we offer you our services. For peace of mind ask for a home inspection done by THE HOME INSPECTORS.

A home inspection includes a visual evaluation of various items relating to the structural and mechanical conditions of the property. It includes portions of the following items:

Building Site
Building Exterior
Roof Covering
Building Interior
Heating System
Electrical System
Plumbing System
Foundation & Crawlspace
Our narrative report conveys the condition of the home in easy to understand wording.
Why get a home inspection?
In most cases, the time you spend in a home before you write an offer is less than 30 minutes. Very little of that time is actually spent looking at the electrical wiring, plumbing, heating system and other construction items. A home inspection delivers an impartial statement of the condition of the home. While a home inspection is not intended to be technically exhaustive or disclose every defect, it is the intention of the inspector to uncover the significant items within the scope of the inspection. A home purchase is a sizable investment and the cost of a home inspection amounts to only about 1000th of the price of the average home. Put the inspection of your home in the hands of THE HOME INSPECTORS.